Top 5 Best Protein Shake Recipes for Fitness Enthusiasts

Protein Shakes are the new formula to build muscles quickly by several bodybuilders and gym-goers. Besides taking adequate protein through food sources, fitness enthusiasts need some extra source of protein. What else could give you a better taste than delicious protein shakes?

Nowadays, people have a wide variety of flavours to choose for their protein powder shakes. All it takes is some quality ingredients, a shaker, and just a few minutes. That’s it and your protein shake gets ready!!

In this piece of information, we have shared 5 simple yet effective protein shake recipes to try after your workout.

Get Your Perfect Protein Shake in 5 Different Tastes

Protein powder is one of the key ingredients used to make protein shakes. These are rich in protein and low in calories that help in quick repairing of muscles, and lose fat. So, here come 5 delicious protein shake recipes to slurp in a minute:

01.   Protein Pudding Shake

Yogurt is good for digestion and protein powder gives the necessary proportion of protein. Enjoy a creamy layer of protein-rich pudding made with healthy ingredients.


·         A small can of Greek Yogurt ·         1 scoop Protein powder (Any flavour) ·         Water (for smoothening) ·         Sweetener (Optional)

Procedure: Get all the ingredients together in appropriate proportions in a shaker and add water to it. Stir and shake the elements and you got one of the delicious protein shakes to taste.

02.   Chocolate Banana Protein Powder Oatmeal Shake

Oatmeal is good for digestion, and banana gives the instant energy required for the whole day. Their combination makes a great shake.


·         1-1½ cup Oatmeal ·         1 scoop Chocolate flavoured protein powder ·         1 Sliced banana ·         Water or milk (for smoothening)

Procedure: For all those chocolate lovers, here comes an amazing recipe to try right now. At first, prepare the oatmeal with water or milk (whatever may be your preference). Then, mix 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder and mix it evenly. Add a pinch of sweetener (optional) and garnish it with slices of banana. It’s ready!!

03.   Peanut Butter-Whey Protein Shake

Want to start your day fresh with something heavy and delicious? Try the peanut butter and whey protein shake to gain the goodness of both the ingredients.


·         1 Tbsp of Peanut butter ·         8 oz almond milk ·         1 Scoop of whey protein powder ·         ½ cup Strawberries (Optional)

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and blend it to form a smooth paste. Serve it in your shaker and if needed spread pieces of strawberries on top of it.

04.   Coconut Chocolate Shakes

Get the goodness of coconut milk with the combination of chocolate protein powder that acts as a perfect protein supplement. Even though coconut milk contains a rich amount of fat, but if taken moderately, it’s good for health.


·         1 small container Coconut milk ·         2 scoops of Chocolate Protein Powder ·         A container to freeze the shake ·         Sweetener (Optional)

Procedure: Follow this simple procedure to get a perfect start for your breakfast. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and blend it to form a smooth paste. You can either have it in the form of shake or freeze it and have it in moderation.

05.   Nut Butter Protein Powder Ice Cream Shake

Protein shake that gives you the taste of ice cream might sound a bit weird, right? But it tastes absolutely yummy after it gets prepared. So follow this recipe for another amazing protein powder shake.


·         3oz of Almond milk ·         2 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder ·         2 Tbsp of almond butter or nut butter ·         Sweetener (Optional)

Procedure: Take all the ingredients one-after-another and mix it well in a container. Stay careful on the proportion of milk added to the shake to attain the perfect consistency. Let the shake settle down and then slurp it to enjoy the amazing taste of almond milk and butter. You can also get it pushed into a freezer for an hour or two. Later, cut it into slices and enjoy the yummiest taste of ice cream in a new flavour.

Aren’t these protein shake recipes simple enough to prepare and slurp in a minute? Get your pack of protein powder (any flavour) through online stores and mix it with these healthy ingredients. There are various online shops that provide quality products at a nominal rate. Go and check them out!!

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