About Growth Hormone:

Growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the brain, where many activities in our body are carried out. The importance of growth hormone, which has a structure that affects all body activities, has emerged in recent years and detailed research has been started on this subject.

What is Growth Hormone (GH)?
Growth hormone is a hormone that is secreted by the brain and affects many activities in the body. It has become one of the topics of discussion in recent years, particularly among those interested in fitness and bodybuilding. It is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. When growth hormone is secreted in the body in a smooth and healthy way, a better development can be achieved with much shorter training.

What is Growth Hormone?
The main task of growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland is to provide cell growth and cell renewal. The subject matter of athletes is the issue of cell renewal. We have stated in other articles that muscle development consists of anabolic and catabolic activities. We break up our muscles by doing sports and then we restructure with our diet and rest. This is how muscle development occurs. This restructuring activity is very good when the growth hormone is secreted correctly in the body. In addition, growth hormone (GH) performs many interactions in the body.

Tasks of Growth Hormone

Effects on skeletal system
As it is known, the skeletal system consists of bones. Bone feeding is done by calcium. Growth hormone facilitates the penetration of calcium into the bone structure of the nutrients we take. Therefore, it is a fact that bones are stronger in growth hormone secreted individuals. Growth hormone is most often secreted during sleep. Pregnant mothers sleep very much because the body needs a lot of growth hormone for the development of the baby. This is the reason why newborn babies are constantly sleeping.

Effects on muscle development
Protein uptake should be increased for the development of muscles. Because the cells are made of proteins. However, this formation cannot be obtained directly from the food we eat. In order the nutrients we take to penetrate the muscle tissue, a number of activities in the body must be formed. First, an enzyme called peptide is secreted by the digestive tract. This enzyme is an acid that converts proteins into aminoacids. Amino acids are mixed into the blood and become the form of protein to be used in the construction of the muscles. This is what is called protein synthesis. Growth hormone increases protein synthesis and provides better structuring of muscles.

Use of fat as energy
It supports and enhances growth hormone, which is added to the blood and the fat that is stored in our body. It enters the body to the blood and thinned into the blood. The more we can secrete the growth hormone, the greater the rate of fat circulating in the blood. Therefore, we create an energy store that is ready for use in our sports activities as well as in our daily activities. This is probably the most natural way to burn fat.

Strengthen the immune system

One of the most important benefits of growth hormone (GH) is to stimulate and keep the central nervous system alive. A live nervous system means a living immune system. Individuals secreted by the growth hormone in their bodies decrease the risk of developing the disease.

How to Increase Growth Hormone?
In recent years, growth hormone has been started to be taken by those interested in bodybuilding. This situation is very harmful. It is not appropriate to take a hormone produced by the body in the brain and acting in many centers from the nervous system to its skeletal structure only for muscle development. Our goal should be to increase this hormone in natural ways to make it a lifestyle. So how can a hormone that has so much effect on the body be boosted by natural means Regular exercise increases the secretion of this hormone. Thus, both muscle development increases and fat burning is accelerated as described above. Short, severe and intense training is the biggest trigger. In addition, cardio studies are also triggering the same system. In the training hours, it is more convenient to choose morning hours. Because of the growth hormone secreted throughout the night, the ready-to-use fat molecules circulating in the blood are used as energy needs in the morning and we use the fats that we break. The unused oil molecules are transformed into fat cells for re-storage.

Regular and deep sleep is the most secreting element of growth hormone. A sleep without a hole during the night allows growth hormone secretion at the maximum level. Therefore, individuals who are interested in fitness and weight training should not sleep under 7-8 hours per night. Because babies are constantly sleeping when they are first born, the most development in their bodies takes place during this first six months. The secretion of this hormone is reduced by 30-35 years of age. Frequent diets are constantly being said by dieticians. A diet in this way ensures that blood sugar is kept at a low level. Since we mix the nutrients necessary for muscle development continuously into the blood, we can have a constant regeneration and a rapid metabolism. Too much food at one time puts an excessive strain on the body and forces the digestive system. Low levels of blood sugar, frequent and high quality carbohydrates, support growth hormone. Adequate vitamin intake is a must for growth hormone. Especially because vitamin B6 makes us more comfortable to sleep, we can produce a better level of growth hormone. As a result of weight training, we severely disrupt our muscles. Therefore, sleeping at night can be difficult in the early days. To prevent this, we need to pay attention to our intake of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Lets not forget how high quality sleep so high quality growth hormone.

To summarize, growth hormone is one of the most effective hormones in our body. To naturally secrete more growth hormones, to sleep regularly, especially to exercise large muscles (such as back muscles) to do, often, but only quality carbohydrates and our body needs vitamins too.

Some Known Growth Hormone and Peptides Products:

– Genotropin
– Norditropin
– Humatrope
– Kigtropin
– Melanotan 2
– IGF-1
– GHRP-2
– GHRP-6
– Ipamorelin