The Other Side of The Steroid

Do you have enough information about steroids that most people interested in bodybuilding intend to use at least once and are preferred for rapid muscle development? Here I will give some details. But as always as a reminder this post does not stand for any recommendation. Make  your research well from trusted sources, people, doctors before applying any substance.

What Is A Steroid?

Steroids are actually the general name given to a class of drugs used in the treatment of various diseases. There are many details about steroid use and its side effects. Steroids can be used to protect the sexual characteristics of men who have their testicles removed due to problems like cancer, or to solve problems in the pituitary gland or to treat post-cancer muscle loss. In addition to all these serious medical problems, steroids can be preferred for various medical purposes such as regulation of metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and increasing muscle and bone mass. Steroids preferred by people interested in bodybuilding are called anabolic androgenic steroids and are used to increase muscle mass. In daily use, it has been called anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs that are produced to mimic the effect of the hormone testosterone on the body. Testosterone is derived from cholesterol in the body and acts on muscle tissues. In the use of steroids preferred for medical purposes, patients are generally given one type of steroid. And the steroid dose given is monitored strictly.

Are There Any Side Effects of Steroid?

There may be many side effects of steroids. Serious side effects can occur, especially after steroid use, up to cancer. In addition, many side effects can be seen with the Brain, Face, Eye, Hair, Heart, Stomach, Kidneys, Liver, Chest, Bones, Muscles and tendons, Skin, Prostate gland, Sexual performance.


It has been determined that people with high testosterone levels are prone to exhibit aggressive behaviors. However, disruption of sleep patterns, causeless happiness, excessive paranoia, depression and sudden mood changes have been observed. It can be said that the use of steroids has a drug effect in the brain and causes related side effects.


With the use of steroids, the tendency to retain water is observed in the body. As a result of this, especially swelling and hair on the face occurs in women. In addition, a severe halitosis, thickening of the voice and acne may occur in women.


Long-term steroid use may result in infection in the eyes, and diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.


As a result of steroid use, the hair follicles become smaller and the hair becomes thinner. As a result, baldness that is normally peculiar to men can also occur in women. Heart Long-term use of steroids causes heart disease, high cholesterol levels and cholesterol formation in the vascular walls. As a result, stroke or partial paralysis may occur. In addition to all this, a heart attack may occur due to the increase in muscle pressure and the blood clots in the vessels disrupt blood flow. Stomach  As a result of steroid use, the feeling of swelling in the stomach, nausea, turbidity, irritation in the stomach wall and increase in stomach acid are the most common side effects.


Increases in blood pressure that result from steroid use directly damage the kidneys and filtering system. Kidney stones may occur.


Steroid use can cause irreversible damage to the liver and cause cancer. Especially as a result of the use of counterfeit or poor quality steroids, malfunction of liver function occurs. As a result, severe health problems may occur due to jaundice.


Gynecomastia (breast formation / development) occurs in the chest area in men as a result of long-term steroid use. In women, on the contrary, there may be a reduction in breasts. Bones  Steroid use starting from adolescence and youth causes the pineal glands to close prematurely and as a result, slow bone development. For this reason, short stature, bone pain and bone development problems can be seen. Muscles and Tendons As a result of steroid use, the person feels stronger and tries to lift more weight during the training. In these cases, the muscles and tendons can be damaged and even broken by more than necessary. Skin  Steroid use affects pores on the skin and can cause a person to have rough skin. However, acne may occur commonly on the face and back. Prostate Gland With the use of steroids, volumetric growth may occur in the prostate gland. Any changes that occur also affect men’s sexual performance. In addition, there may be a significant increase in sperm fluid but a decrease in sperm quality. Sexual Performance Testosterone level rises in the body due to the prolonged use of steroids. Accordingly, the body stops natural testosterone production. Since it will take time for the body to regain its natural cycle, sexual performance may decrease, erection problems and impotence may occur during this period. Steroid Use in Women Possible side effects in women can be listed as hair growth in the face and chest area, reduction / baldness in the hair, sound thickening, shrinking of the breasts, disruption in the menstrual cycle and clitoral enlargement.

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