Since we don’t accept direct credit card payments, here is a guideline for the ones who like to use their credit card to place an order. At the moment the best option is to use Bitcoin as the transfer currency. So basically you will be buying bitcoins from a third party website with your credit card and transfer those bitcoins to us to place the order.

A Good Option – PAYBIS

PAYBIS allows you to use your credit or debit card to purchase bitcoins. It is much faster than any other bitcoin exchange platform such us Coinbase. Moreover, they have the best fee commission rate in the world. It is even free for the first transaction. However, I would also remind you that Paybis is not allowed to use for New York state residents.


I would recommend you to first prepare your order and choose bitcoin option at the checkout . This will allow you to see how many bitcoins you would need to place that order.
Visit They have a detailed explanation for to steps to buy bitcoin with your credit card. Basically it works like this;

  • You need to have an bitcoin wallet address. For this you can use Electrum software or any other online bitcoin wallet such as
  • After verifying your account on Paypis you are free to buy bitcoins with your credit card and direct them to your wallet.
  • Once you have bitcoins in your wallet, you can place your order from our website by choosing bitcoin option in the checkout. There you will get our bitcoin wallet address to send to the payment and complete the order.

This is all. It might seems a bit complicated but indeed you wil notice that it is quiet fast and easy-going process after the first try.